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Noon to Midnight at Disney Hall

by Paul Muller
November 26, 2017

“The Los Angeles Electric 8 set up in an even more exposed area – down on the sidewalk at Grand Avenue and First Street. Eight electric guitarists lined up along the outside wall at the base of Disney Hall, and this did provide some acoustical support for the amplified sounds. The waiting crowd closed in, helpfully screening out some of the traffic noise, as Circle Limit III, by Daniel Corral, gracefully flowed outward in a warm ambient wash. There was no conductor, no beat or obvious pulse, and the players each kept a stopwatch to time the harmonic progressions. The piece was never static, however, with the sound rising, falling and slowly shimmering in the bright afternoon sunshine. As Circle Limit III progressed, a series of different textures arose and took hold among the players. Often this was basic strumming or slide glissandos, although occasionally a few single notes would rise to the top, nicely offsetting the rest of the sound. The harmonies were lush and comforting and worked to subvert the frenetic sounds of traffic out in the street. Circle Limit III was perfectly chosen for the sidewalk and fully captured the imagination of the crowd – listening and looking down Grand Avenue became a strangely calming and unexpectedly peaceful experience.

The guitar players of the Los Angeles Electric 8 are: Gabriel Deutsch, Nicholas Deyoe, Jeremy Kerner, Eric Kiersnowski, Andy Lee, Marc Nimoy, Felix Salazar and JohnPaul Trotter.” – Paul Muller, Sequenza 21

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