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Los Angeles Electric 8 modernizes classical music during assembly

Los Angeles Electric 8, an electric guitar octet that plays classical music, gave their first East Coast performance last Friday during third period. The group came to the Bethesda area to perform Friday evening at the Strathmore Guitar Festival, and Strathmore helped arrange a visit to Whitm... read more »

Washington Examiner

The Los Angeles Electric 8 throw convention to the wind

If you have never heard of an electric guitar chamber octet and can only imagine what a sight and sound it would deliver, especially in a classical setting, you are hardly alone. The Los Angeles Electric 8 makes its East Coast premiere in the Mansion at Strathmore with a program tha... read more »


Guitar Festival to Highlight Modern Collaborations

The music department's "Shape Shifting Guitars Festival" will focus on the expansion of the guitar's traditional role in chamber music. Master classes and performances will be held throughout April. "This is a celebration and expansion of the possibilities of the instru... read more »

San Francisco Classical Voice

Los Angeles Electric 8

For many of us, classical music means the deep, melodious sounds created by the strings of a violin or the delicate, dulcet sound of light, nimble fingers swiftly climbing up and down the keys of a piano. These are exactly the conventional notions that the Los Angeles Electric 8 has passionately... read more »

Daily Bruin

Eight guitarists electrify classical music

UCLA has always been a place where students are encouraged to explore their potential. The Los Angeles Electric 8, a band that includes four UCLA alumni, has taken that idea to heart, exploring the limitless potential of one of the most popular instruments in music today: the electric guitar.... read more »


15 Questions to Los Angeles Electric 8

The Electric 8 see themselves as the "quintessential Los Angeles" group. In this case, that's no hyperbole: They're from all over town, they're from every scene and into every genre imaginable and they share a common vision: Taking the beauty of classical music and contempor... read more »

KPFK 90.7

Global Village with Betto Arcos

Listen to a recording of World Festival of Sacred Music Director, Judy Mitoma on "Global Village Tuesdays with Betto Arcos." They talked about our upcoming performance in the World Festival of Sacred Music.... They are awesome people!.  Original Broadcast: Tuesday, September 2n... read more »

KPFK 90.7

Music From Around The World and Around the Block with John Schneider

Listen to a recording of Ben Harbert on "Global Village: Music From Around The World and Around the Block with John Schneider." They talked about the new album and the Microfest concert.  Original Broadcast: Thursday May 8th 2008, KPFK 90.7, Los Angeles CA read more »