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Sequenza 21

Noon to Midnight at Disney Hall

"The Los Angeles Electric 8 set up in an even more exposed area – down on the sidewalk at Grand Avenue and First Street. Eight electric guitarists lined up along the outside wall at the base of Disney Hall, and this did provide some acoustical support for the amplified sounds. The wait... read more »

Los Angeles Times

Noon to Midnight, L.A. Phil delivers new music (and free ice cream)

"Los Angeles Electric 8 (eight electric guitars) played Daniel Corral's "Circle Limit III" on the sidewalk in front of Disney producing a stunning wall of sound as aural complement to Gehry's steel. " - Mark Swed read more »

The Santa Barbara Independent

Los Angeles Electric 8, at SOhO

Even before the Los Angeles Electric 8 hit the SOhO stage, we knew something completely different was in store early on Saturday night. There, in a varied array across the stage, were eight different model amplifiers, for eight different model electric guitars. We weren’t in rock and roll K... read more »

SGV Tribune

Classical works are electrified

The electric guitar is the symbol of rock ‘n’ roll. The instrument’s versatility and its rich and readily manipulated sound has made it a star in arenas around the world. But applying its virtuoso possibilities to the classical world hasn’t often been attempted. The Lo... read more »

The Poly Post

Classical compositions collide with modern medium in recital hall

The Music Recital Hall was awash in a sea of organ, piano, church bell and a myriad other instrumental sounds issuing forth from the varied amplifiers of the Los Angeles Electric 8 Friday night. The performance was part of the music department's Spring 2008 Guitar Festival. Wielding only... read more »