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The Santa Barbara Independent

Los Angeles Electric 8, at SOhO

Even before the Los Angeles Electric 8 hit the SOhO stage, we knew something completely different was in store early on Saturday night. There, in a varied array across the stage, were eight different model amplifiers, for eight different model electric guitars. We weren’t in rock and roll K... read more »

SGV Tribune

Classical works are electrified

The electric guitar is the symbol of rock ‘n’ roll. The instrument’s versatility and its rich and readily manipulated sound has made it a star in arenas around the world. But applying its virtuoso possibilities to the classical world hasn’t often been attempted. The Lo... read more »

The Poly Post

Classical compositions collide with modern medium in recital hall

The Music Recital Hall was awash in a sea of organ, piano, church bell and a myriad other instrumental sounds issuing forth from the varied amplifiers of the Los Angeles Electric 8 Friday night. The performance was part of the music department's Spring 2008 Guitar Festival. Wielding only... read more »