Sequenza 21

Noon to Midnight at Disney Hall

"The Los Angeles Electric 8 set up in an even more exposed area – down on the sidewalk at Grand Avenue and First Street. Eight electric guitarists lined up along the outside wall at the base of Disney Hall, and this did provide some acoustical support for the amplified sounds. The wait... read more »

Los Angeles Times

Noon to Midnight, L.A. Phil delivers new music (and free ice cream)

"Los Angeles Electric 8 (eight electric guitars) played Daniel Corral's "Circle Limit III" on the sidewalk in front of Disney producing a stunning wall of sound as aural complement to Gehry's steel. " - Mark Swed read more »


Album Review: Interlocking Textures

In August, the Los Angeles Electric 8 released Interlocking Textures, an album that "encompasses a century of American composers inspired by the subtle melodies and complex rhythms of Indonesian gamelan."  There really couldn't be a more fitting title fo... read more »

Los Angeles Times

Dance your L.A. summer away for (almost) nothing

Paying steep prices for concert tickets is such a pre-recession mentality. This summer, the city's cup overflows with free (or practically free) pop, rock and dance music options, no matter what neighborhood or musical genre you call your own. Here's just a taste of the summer's offer... read more »

Black & White

Los Angeles Electric 8 modernizes classical music during assembly

Los Angeles Electric 8, an electric guitar octet that plays classical music, gave their first East Coast performance last Friday during third period. The group came to the Bethesda area to perform Friday evening at the Strathmore Guitar Festival, and Strathmore helped arrange a visit to Whitm... read more »

Baltimore City Paper

Critics' Pick

We know, we know: "Classical music" played on electric guitar often winds up as some proggy "Karn Evil No. 9"-style eyewash. The pickers of the Los Angeles Electric 8 take a far more deft and acerbic tack, though, massing their amplified (but still fairly clean) signals in the... read more »

Washington Examiner

The Los Angeles Electric 8 throw convention to the wind

If you have never heard of an electric guitar chamber octet and can only imagine what a sight and sound it would deliver, especially in a classical setting, you are hardly alone. The Los Angeles Electric 8 makes its East Coast premiere in the Mansion at Strathmore with a program tha... read more »

Time Out New York

Critics' Pick

For the latest installment of Amelia Lukas's scintillating Ear Heart Music series, the West Coast guitar octet presents the New York premiere of 96 Tears by downtown luminary Phil Kline, plus some Indonesian tunes, and works by Mantle Hood and Wayne Siegel. read more »


Guitar Festival to Highlight Modern Collaborations

The music department's "Shape Shifting Guitars Festival" will focus on the expansion of the guitar's traditional role in chamber music. Master classes and performances will be held throughout April. "This is a celebration and expansion of the possibilities of the instru... read more »

Los Angeles Times

Critics' Pick

Our photo was featured on the LA Times Calendar section promoting the REDCAT Summer Studio 2010 read more »