Alloy Ascending

Composed by: Brandon Seabrook

Commissioned by the Los Angeles Electric 8 to be premiered at LA Phil 100: Celebrate LA - 9/30/18  A massive, free, eight-mile street party connecting Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Hollywoo... read more »

Octet, Op. 11

Composed by: Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975)
Arranged by: Ben Harbert (2007); Felix Salazar (2010)

We'll never know if Dmitri Shostakovich would have written for electric guitar, but this arrangement of his 1924 double string quartet makes you wonder if he would have found voice for his earl... listen »

Domino Figures

Composed by: Wayne Siegel (b.1953)

Written for 10-100 classical guitars, Wayne Siegel's "Domino Figures" (1979) is a transcendent experience unlike no other. With a sound similar to that of a buzzing swarm of bees, ove... listen »

East L.A. Phase

Composed by: Wayne Siegel (b.1953)

In Wayne Siegel's "East L.A. Phase" (1975), the four classical guitar parts are expanded to eight electric guitars. Where the original is an interwoven nylon tapestry, the ostinato li... listen »

Octet for Wind Instruments

Composed by: Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971)
Arranged by: Ben Harbert

Originally written for flute, clarinet, bassoons, trumpets, and trombones, Igor Stravinsky’s Octet for Wind Instruments has been arranged for five electric guitars, one bass guitar, one bar... listen »

La Porta, Canzone

Composed by: Giovanni Domenico Rognoni Taeggio (d.1626)
Arranged by: Ben Harbert

Saint Ignatius of Antioch (c.35-110) had a vision of angels singing in alternate choirs and adapted the mirror structure of Hebrew psalms into Christian worship. The practice of polychoral ant... listen »


Composed by: Toru Takemitsu (1930-1996)
Arranged by: Felix Salazar

With a body of piano work that spans 43 years, "Romance" (1949) is the earliest surviving piece by Toru Takemitsu. Unknown and unheard during his lifetime, it prefaces what would become T... listen »

Undertone Series, Variation 1

Composed by: Michael Uhler (b.1977)

Commissioned by Los Angeles Electric 8   “Undertone Series for 8 Electric Guitars” (2013) originally grew out of my curiosity to hear what the undertone series would sound... read more »

G-String Fetish

Composed by: Peter Yates (b.1953)

It's all in the title. Peter Yates' "G-string Fetish" (2003) is a spasmodic frenzy of notes that slowly unravels onto the guitar's open G-string. The piece employs aleato... listen »