Three Javanese Songs

Composed by: Charles T. Griffes (1884-1920)
Arranged by: Felix Salazar

Charles T. Griffes was an American pianist and composer trained in the German Romantic style, yet strongly influenced by French Impressionism. In 1917, his gift for song cycles and interest in &quo... listen »

The Fog

Composed by: Jonathan Guillen (b.1979)

Written for Los Angeles Electric 8, "The Fog" (2010) is a mysterious cloud through which phrases emerge and fade away. It employs aleatoric techniques, using random procedures in the gene... listen »

The Perilous Chapel

Composed by: Lou Harrison (1917-2003)
Arranged by: Felix Salazar

Lou Harrison’s The Perilous Chapel (1948) – an accompaniment for a dance production written for harp, cello, and flute – was described by choreographer Jean Erdman as “a psy... read more »


Composed by: Lou Harrison (1917-2003)
Arranged by: Felix Salazar

“Gending” is taken from the suite Varied Trio for violin, piano, and percussion (1987). It is the product of Lou Harrison’s impassioned study of Javanese compositional form. While... read more »


Composed by: Mantle Hood (1918-2005)
Arranged by: Felix Salazar

Mantle Hood was a renowned ethnomusicologist who studied most of the great musical traditions of the world. Before turning his life's work to pioneering ethnomusicology, Hood studied compositio... listen »

Ladrang Siyem

Composed by: Traditional Javanese
Arranged by: Ben Harbert

In a feat of musical globe-trotting, "Ladrang Siyem" is a 1929 adaptation of a Western-influenced Thai tune – "Sanrasoen Phra Barami" – that has been reclaimed on el... listen »

Neuron Speak

Composed by: Derrick Spiva Jr.

Comissioned by Los Angeles Electric 8. Neuron Speak (2012) is a musical representation of the communication between neurons on the individual neuron level, on the body/mind level, and on... read more »

Treasured Longing

Composed by: Jeremy Kerner

Written for Los Angeles Electric 8. read more »

Ten Finger Plead

Composed by: Eric Kiersnowski (b.1976)

“Ten Finger Plead” (2013) was originally inspired by the idea of shared rhythms and melodies. There are two sets of hockets in this piece; a fast moving hocket that is present through t... read more »

96 Tears

Composed by: Phil Kline (b.1953)

Phil Kline's 1996 imitation of 17th Century viol consort music produces long tones and unexpected harmonies, slowly developing and then slowly unravelling over the course of twelve minutes. The... listen »