Interlocking Textures

Hello, we have been working hard all summer for our upcoming season and will be presenting an exciting set of Interlocking Textures. What exactly does that mean? Well....

The Los Angeles Electric 8, the world's only electric guitar chamber octet, will perform music by American composers deeply informed by traditional Javanese music—Mantle Hood, Nathaniel Braddock and Randall Kohl. These pieces have rich interlocking parts and graceful melodies. Two traditional Javanese pieces arranged for the Los Angeles Electric 8 will round of the set. Music from the American minimalist composer Wayne Siegel—who was no doubt inspired by the interlocking rhythms of Indonesia—will complement the traditional fare. The evening will take you from the traditional to the impressionistic, all ringing from a chorus of electric guitars imitating traditional Indonesian instruments.

Playing traditional Indonesian music on eight electric guitars is an extension of the guitar's long residency in the archipelago. Portuguese ships brought the first instruments of the guitar family to Indonesia in the 16th century. Ever since, Indonesian musicians have adapted the instrument to indigenous musical traditions, somewhat resisting the colonial power of the guitar as a bearer of Western pop music. In sound, the electric guitar resembles the struck metal of Indonesian gamelans, making it an unlikely yet well-suited host to Indonesian music. 
We also would like to welcome back founding member, JohnPaul Trotter... who comes back from South America with stories of wonder and adventure.