Brad Hogg

Brad is a musician and guitarist that has long been involved in ensembles large and small, working with everything from experimental and intricately composed modern music, to ambient loop-based music, and from the classical world to free improvisation and everything in between.
Growing up in a very small town in Montana, Brad eventually left to pursue his education in Wyoming; following this, he landed in Boston, MA, where he fell in working with groups such as Guitar Circle New England and the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists.  At this same time, he also began developing a rewarding career in the music equipment industry.  
After ten years in Boston, it became clear that the West Coast was the next step, and he now calls Los Angeles home base, where he continues to work with both acoustic and electric ensembles, including the Los Angeles Electric 8, the Tiny Orchestral Moments collective, and also continues to work with the worldwide GC community.