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Noon to Midnight @ Walt Disney Concert Hall

"Los Angeles Electric 8 (eight electric guitars) played Daniel Corral's "Circle Limit III" on the sidewalk in front of Disney producing a stunning wall of sound as aural complement to Gehry's steel." - Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times read more »

OUR TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY! L.A. Phil's Noon to Midnight at Walt Disney Concert Hall

This year is Los Angeles Electric 8’s 10 year anniversary!   To celebrate we are premiering a new composition, Circle Limit III, by composer Daniel Corral as part of LA Phil’s Noon to Midnight festival at Walt Disney Concert Hall.   Saturday November 18th!... read more »

Bill Alves' new album release, Guitars & Gamelan

Out now on MicroFest Records, we participated in composer Bill Alves' new album release, Guitars & Gamelan! Thank you Bill for including us in this great album! We are honored.   Liner Notes:   Rational Basis (2011) 11:30   Los Angeles Electric... read more »

An Annotated List of Guitar Icons Composed After 1945

The following list was written in November 2004 by Philip Graulty and Chelsea Green. At the time, both authors were graduate students studying Classical Guitar Performance at the University of California, Los Angeles. While some information may now be outdated, we hope the list can serve as a ref... read more »