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An Annotated List of Guitar Icons Composed After 1945

The following list was written in November 2004 by Philip Graulty and Chelsea Green. At the time, both authors were graduate students studying Classical Guitar Performance at the University of California, Los Angeles. While some information may now be outdated, we hope the list can serve as a ref... read more »


Album Review: Interlocking Textures

In August, the Los Angeles Electric 8 released Interlocking Textures, an album that "encompasses a century of American composers inspired by the subtle melodies and complex rhythms of Indonesian gamelan."  There really couldn't be a more fitting title fo... read more »

Sundays Live at LACMA

On August 12, 2012, Los Angeles Electric 8 returns to Sundays Live at LACMA to premiere two newly commissioned works by Los Angeles composers Derrick Spiva Jr. and Felix Salazar. Spiva’s Neuron Speak is the first completed composition in a series of commissions... read more »

From Lone Wolf to Lifelong Friendships

  The classical guitar is a lone wolf instrument. Since most guitar students play solo music and therefore spend hours a day practicing by themselves, I found Peter Yates’ UCLA Guitar Ensemble class to be exciting and fulfilling. Resulting from our joys in this class... read more »